Our Approach

We understand that having IT resources with wide range of skills can be really expensive exercise for a business.

PROMAN IT SERVICES takes away all the headache as we take care of all your administrative or IT needs.

We believe that employing easy to use technics allowing us to co-develop and embed solutions that our clients have ownership of.

Our service approach ensures strong customer engagement and alignment, delivering business and IT solutions to achieve a competitive edge.

Our Story

I am a computer professional and has always been passionate running my own business providing personalised IT services.

While working with various organisations and industries, I have learned that companies do not always have luxury of in-house IT skills to help them grow.

I started PROMAN IT SERVICES in 2016, with an aim to provide personalised IT services while you focus on your business or personal goals.

In today's competitive business environment, technologies do evolve rapidly. PROMAN IT SERVICES have been offering its customers with a wide variety of skills and support measures to help them better handle the changes they regularly face.